The first post!

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It’s the very first blog post and I’m pretty excited about it! I’ve been talking for a long time about setting up a blog or a site as a place for people with an interest in diabetes psychology to find out more about what we do, and to publicise some of the exciting new developments in our field. Fresh off the exciting ride that was the @_diabetes101 account on Twitter, and still in the midst of a global pandemic, now seems as good a time as any to get things started.

Diabetes Psychology is one of the most underdeveloped areas of health psychology practice and research, despite diabetes being one of the most prevalent long-term conditions in the UK. What few diabetes psychology posts there are tend to be scattered and isolated, so I’m hoping that in time this site will help us stay connected as a community by publicising CPD events being a resource for those new in post or looking to update their practice.

This is new and uncharted territory for me, but then again so is most of the job for many of us in the NHS at the moment- here’s hoping that things go smoothly and we come out of the other end with new skills, more knowledge and continuing kindness.

By DrRoseStewart

Clinical Psychologist working in a young adult diabetes service in NHS Wales. Lead author of Talking Type 1 range and member of team @_diabetes101.

2 replies on “The first post!”

So good to see this site Rose. Wondering if there will eventually be a place on here for research articles in the field?


Hi Gwyneth, Thanks so much for your positive response. Rose’s plan for the website is that it’s very much a community resource kept current by contributions from the community. We don’t have the resources to search for and keep an up-to-date list of current research articles across the whole area of diabetes and psychology. Please do contact us if you’d like to contribute in any way that you feel able..


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