Not OK with Needles?

Despite injections being an integral part of life for many people who live with diabetes, needle phobia is surprisingly common and can create significant problems.

Not OK With Needles provides clear information on what needle phobia is, what causes it and how it can impact diabetes management. It provides self-assessment tools for readers to identify if their phobia is problematic and clear guidance on what support is available. Featuring quotes from people with diabetes who have experienced and overcome needle phobia and practical tools to manage and ease phobia as well as guidance on what to do if their phobia relapses. In addition, the booklet highlights the support available and provides helpful links to sources and organisations where patients can go for further information on living with diabetes.

An ideal resource for people with diabetes and their whole healthcare team, including clinical psychologists, specialist nurses, endocrinologists and general practitioners.


  • Guided self-help resource for use in paediatric or adult diabetes teams, or primary care
  • Designed for people with insulin dependent diabetes aged 14+
  • For use in situations where a person may be managing their insulin injections (albeit with some anxiety), but feels extremely anxious about other interactions with needles such as annual blood tests or vaccinations
  • Diabetes Burnout is the second book in the Talking Type 1 range and was published in Wales in 2019
  • Highly commended in the 2020 Quality in Care Diabetes awards